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Peter AC Sloan Solicitors are delighted to work with Dr. Kristina Neuhauser PH.D Phil. Kristina is an accredited Ba Zi Master of the Chue Foundation, a Feng Shui consultant, energy specialist and teacher.

Feng Shui and Space Clearing. Space Clearing is not just disposing of old, unforgotten and unwanted clutter; it is a profound and highly effective technique for clearing and revitalising energy. The effects on our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing are far reaching, and the process is a lot more fun than it sounds! We are all familiar with the saying, “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife” or, “what a lovely feel this building has”. On some level, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are picking up vibrations, energy, both good and bad.

In preparing to sell your home, you may have followed the expert’s advice, exhausted yourself with painting and decorating, dressed all the rooms and even brewed coffee prior to your arranged viewings! The one area that is always over looked is the chi (energy) within the home. Space Clearing will balance and cleanse old and stagnant energies bringing about positive change.

Having understood the importance and the benefits of Space Clearing when selling your property you would certainly appreciate how essential the technique is when purchasing a property. It is so important to create your own space, and we do this naturally with the colours we use for decorating, the style of furniture we choose and the way we display it in the rooms. However, the energy, or chi will remain from the previous occupiers, Space Clearing your new home will complete the transformation, truly making your new space harmonious and your own.

Kristina offers a range of services and consultations to include the most auspicious date for moving, Chinese Horoscopes, Face Readings and Feng Shui Consultations, for your home or office.

Whether you are considering selling or purchasing a property, enhancing your work place increasing, health, wellbeing, vitality and prosperity a Feng Shui consultation is a must. Kristina brings a new dimension to selling homes. All services include a full written report and personalised advice.


 The results of your space clearing were extraordinary, exceeding all our expectations. After you selected the date for it conscientiously we were confident that the house was going to sell. The very first client who walked in made an offer we could not turn down!! Thank you so much!! - Marcia & Michael….Kent, England

Dear Kristina, Your date selection for the selling our house was just perfect! We followed your advice to clean and space clear the property. Getting rid of unwanted stuff expedited everything!! We are grateful for your Feng Shui expertise! without it we would not have been able to sell the house so expeditiously. - Judith & Andrew….Budapest Hungary


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