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Wills and Probate

A Will is an essential document which ensures your wishes are acknowledged with regard to your Estate, without a Will the state has the authority to make the decisions with regard to who shall inherit from you.

In order to prepare your Will we would require some detailed information from you relating to your Estate. Your Estate consists of property, personal effects, stocks and shares, bank accounts, pensions, insurance policies and any business you may own.

We would need to know to whom you wished to make gifts to and who you would want to inherit the remainder (residue) of your Estate and this would include any chosen charities.

If you have young children we would need to know the names of the people you would like to act as guardians. We would also need to know the names of the people you would like to elect as administrators of your Estate (the Executors).

On receiving your instructions to prepare your Will we would arrange an initial meeting with you to discuss your particular requirements. We would then draft your Will and submit this to you for approval, and once approved we would invite you to our office for signing. Your Will is not valid until it has been signed and witnessed. Peter AC Sloan Solicitors would be happy to hold your Will for safe keeping and do not charge a fee for storage.

It is important that your Will is kept up to date, circumstances may change and therefore it is a good idea to look at the contents of your Will at least once a year.

If you would like further information on preparing your Will we hold Law Society booklets in our offices which you would be most welcome to collect from us.


When someone dies it is important to obtain their Death Certificate; this document is required when administering their Estate. Locating their Will is very important as this document will provide detailed information relating to the Executors and as to how the deceased wished to have their Estate distributed.

If you have been appointed as an Executor you will require the necessary legal authority in order to take control of the deceased assets. In many cases you will require a Grant of Probate to do this. Peter AC Sloan Solicitors can assist in the process of obtaining Grant of Probate, collecting in the monies from the Estate, paying outstanding debts and executing the Will in accordance with the deceased person’s instructions.

It is possible to do this process without a solicitor, however, an Executors task is an important one and if you feel you are unable, or may not have the time to do this and would prefer to have legal expertise and assistance Peter AC Sloan Solicitors will be pleased to act for you.



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