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03. Transfer of Ownership

Equity Transfer

If you want to change the ownership of a property, or the share of equity, without selling it – then you need a Transfer of Ownership (or Equity Transfer). This is the process of adding or removing someone from the title deeds.


There may be a number of reasons that you wish to do this – it could be that you wish to add someone to your property deeds, remove a partner due to relationship breakdown, or for estate planning and tax purposes. In each of these examples, we can only act for one of the parties involved.


With a transfer of ownership at least one of the existing owners must remain on the title deed, otherwise this is classed as a regular property sale. If there is an outstanding mortgage on the property then your lender may require proof that the people left on the deed can keep up with the mortgage repayments – otherwise you may be required to pay back the mortgage in full before the transfer can take place. 


With a reputable and experienced conveyancing solicitors like Sloan Solicitors, we’ll advise you through each stage of your transaction.

Read more about the process involved with Transfer of Ownership in our news section.

What we do

  • Check the title deeds for the property and identify any outstanding mortgages or other restrictions

  • Check your ID and ensure that we can act on your behalf

  • Prepare legal documents required for the transfer (transfer deeds)

  • Advise on stamp duty land tax

  • Obtain consent from your mortgage lender (if applicable) that the transfer can go ahead

  • Submit final searches and produce a completion statement showing funds to be transferred

  • Manage the transfer of funds between relevant parties

  • Once the transfer is complete then we will register the new property owners with Land Registry on your behalf

Once you have formally appointed us to act on your behalf, you will be given an appointed conveyancer who will support you throughout the entire transaction. You will be able to talk directly with your conveyancer about your matter at any time.


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